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  1. Hello! i'm so impressed with your weight loss! im really admire you! I'm from Guatemala, so i make apologize for my bad english, but im still learning :) i really want to loss weight, i already have 19 years old, and for my age i think that im a faty girl you know, my confidence is not really good, so i decided to weight loss, but not for the people, just for me, cause the next time i see in the mirror i want so see a new girl, a power girl, whos doesn't have afraid to show to the whole world how beatiful i am, and not for how i see outside, just for what i have inside, for my feelings, for the things that really matters in this life. I really apreciatte if you tell me what can i do, and again thanks for givin me hope! Have a nice day! and Good bless you family and you!

  2. It is so fun to run into you! I used to follow your blog back in the good ol blogging days. I'm Clarendon Lane- you probably don't remember, but weren't those good times back then?
    Congrats on such an amazing transformation. You rock, mama! xoxo -Katie

  3. Hello there!
    I was on your papaya romper comments today and I wanted to share a non toxic, high quality cosmetic line I am an advocate for!

    We are not green washed, reason I became an advocate.

    We should never have to compromise our health for our beauty, nor our beauty for our health.

    My link is


    I would LOVE to see what you think of our products.

    I also have a fb group for non toxic living/wellness


    I would love for you to join. You are so cru chi!


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