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Friday, October 28, 2016

What does beauty mean to me?

Two weeks ago I was asked if I would be part of a transformation within a transformation.

Let me clarify...

I have been through a massive life and body transformation.

This video highlights the inner transformation part of my story...
as well as an outer transformation.
Yes, a make-over!
A glamour shoot!
(do not confuse this with the kind of "glamour shots" you did at the mall in 1995)

"When people ask for my story, I wish I could rip my heart from my chest and hand it over. There's just so much. There's so many layers. So I share it bit by bit. Pieces of my heart, fractions of my story. All creating one beautiful life that is so flawed and yet so joy filled."

I truly spoke from the heart on this.
It was one take, answering questions and sharing what I felt I want my message to be about.




I hope you watch and enjoy it, and share it if you like, too!


VIDEO - Amotion Films
HAIR & MAKE-UP - Rachel Jones, B Pretty


  1. First you look amazing!! Second I think you are beautiful person, a true inspiration for anyone in general but someone like myself trying to lose weight and just love myself

  2. Wow I admire you so much! Thank you for being so real and such an example! I'm just starting on my own weight loss journey post two children and I feel like you're a friend even though I don't even know you!

  3. You are beautiful inside and out. I'm so inspired by you!! Thank you for sharing your story. I am a looong way from embracing my body for all its flaws, but I'm not giving up and I'll get there:)

    Jess @jessbygrace

  4. Beautiful! I really enjoyed the narrative as much as the video and photographs. It looked like fun, too! What a great way to pamper and reward yourself for all your hard work every day. :)

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