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Monday, April 25, 2016

What do you want others to read, when they read your story?

Those words, that question.

At church this week our pastor asked that question.

My pen was rapidly writing the question down so I could capture it before I lost it. It struck me to my core.

What DO I want others to read, when they read my story?

You see, as far as my public appearance goes, which in most cases can be social media, I share all the good things. I share funny moments, and positivity and accomplishments. 

Problem is, I've left a lot of blanks. I know you've noticed. I'm sorry.

I have a hard time when people write vague things, to engage attention or questions - for me that's not the case, it's just so much more than that. 
I'm not being vague without purpose - I have little ears that are listening, I have little eyes that are watching. I'm a mother, first and foremost.

The struggle lies in leaving blanks. People will want to write the story for you. They will want to assume, and fill in those blanks. I need to let them. It will pain me, I will scream inside, but I will let them, because it's not necessary to do otherwise. I would love to satisfy everyone with answers, and be the open book I always tend to be. However, my priority is not to appease others. My priority is to focus on GOOD. 

At the end of this life, my children, my loves, they will see and know a story. The story will be one of kindness and courageousness. It will be of triumph, and of faith. 
It will be of love. 

So let this be vague, let this be full of blanks. I'm not gonna worry about it, I'm gonna just let good things flow, let positivity reign.

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