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Monday, March 28, 2016

Makeup bag staples

When I was a pre-teen super awesome girl, my parents wouldn't let me and my sister wear makeup. They told us we could wait until we were 16, along with dating. 

(you may comment and publicly shame them now for this if you'd like, it really was harsh and cruel punishment)

At 13, radically dropping the "pre" from my "teen", my parents began to bend the rules.

We were allowed mascara.

I also was permitted to date a boy 
(because he was just the nicest, and shared my joy for gummy bears - and funny story that I will now fit between the brackets? We dated for 1.5 years and my parents were SUPER sad when we broke I had taken away their only son).

Back to the mascara. 
Okay, so mascara - thats it.
I freaking manipulated the flip out of that mascara. 
It turned into shadow, liner and mascara.
I was a hot mess.

I loved makeup. I loved how you could quite literally look 100 different ways at the stroke of a brush.


You can also really suck at it and make a lot of mistakes.

I have probably made all of them
(kudos to those to stuck by me when I was probably horrifyingly embarrassing to be around)

As time goes on, and the internet becomes more wise, I find myself venturing into new techniques, products and actually stepping outside of the drug store.

I LOVE drug store cosmetics, and in many ways I think you can absolutely always pull off everything you need from a drug store. What I've learned however, is that its not always the best investment.

I wore drug store foundation for years, it did it's job. I probably spent $15 a bottle every 2 months. Then I switched to Mac, for $32 and it lasted for 7 months. Do the math. I had a better product, and was using less of it.

I've found this with a few things now, and ones I find worthy of the investment.

Today I wanted to show you my favourite staple products. Ones that have earned their keep.

#1 Liquid Eyeliner - Loreal Lineur Intense

Just a heads up, there's TWO DIFFERENT Lineur Intense by Loreal. 
Get the felt tip kind.
For the love of everything - get the felt tip.

Probably my most asked about product. "How do you do your winged eyeliner?" and let me tell you, this is the only one I can use...anything else is again, a hot mess.

So, it's a firm but flexible felt tip, so you have so much control, but can still get that little wing at the end. Maybe a bit of a learning curve but MUCH easier than a brush.

#2 Shadowbox Eyeshadow Primer

So, I have super oily eyelids...for some reason. 
Eyeshadow always creases on me, no matter what. 
I work two jobs and need my makeup to last from day to night. 
This stuff came recommended by a girl who does roller derby at night and found it lasted through her sweat. Since I'm a mom of 3, working 2 jobs - I'm basically in roller derby. Is how I take it.
It works, guys.
It holds my eyeshadow from day to crease. It's like glue. I don't even get it. 

#3 Mac Studio Fix Foundation in NW15

I'm super fair, and I actually started on this in the summertime and was slightly tanned when being color matched. BUT, I use this year round now. YES, it's a shade off, but I do my best to blend it well. WHY? because the yellow/tan tones in it cuts my redness incredibly.
Besides the color - I love this foundation for a few reasons. 
I apply using a WET (yes, WET! well, squeeze out the water first) Beauty Blender, or comparative, sponge. Dab into the foundation, which mine is usually on the back of my hand, and bounce the sponge all over your face, applying evenly in a splotching method. Then blend. 
I set it with a no-color powder (Essence cosmetics All About Matt for like, $5)

#4 Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - Bare it All

There's nothing extraodinary about this lipstick. But, it's my go-to. It's the perfect nude with no orange tones. Since I play up my eyes often, I like the lips to be nude, and this does the trick!

#5 Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Medium Brown

Okay, so its not cheap...and it doesn't last more than maybe 2 months...but it's the best I've found. If you have a good dupe, I'd love to know about it. 

The always sharp pencil gives the best lines. It's easy to use and the color is perfect. I go medium brown (formerly medium ash)

So that's that - I'm hoping I can share more soon - so shoot me questions! 


  1. I remember you mentioning spray tanning a while back! I am super fair and would love to hear more about that! :)

  2. I'm not sure if I missed it, but I was hoping for a video for your eyeliner! :)
    Thank you for these recommendations!

  3. Eye shadow colours, do you wear blush and can you please do makeup video??? Love all of your recommendations, can't wait to try some of them!!! :)

  4. Eye shadow colours, do you wear blush and can you please do makeup video??? Love all of your recommendations, can't wait to try some of them!!! :)

  5. Mascara! Spill. What do you use?

  6. I use the same eyeliner and I love it. I will have to try the Essence powder. Could you share how you do your eyeshadow? Also are do you still get lash extensions? What's the best eye makeup remover to use when you have lash extensions?

  7. Spill on your haircolor pls! I'm very fair toned as well, freckly too. Started going gray when I was 19!! Luckily now that I'm about 85% it doesnt pull yellow. I am a former hairdresser as well so once my friend gets my hair good I'm going to start doing it myself at home. I'm assuming your a B&T? What does your stylist use to tone? Level/shade please! I love the purply/pearly/grayish blondish hue. Also what what color shampoo do you use, I have been using Sterling Silver but am looking for something stronger!

  8. Nyx eyebrow pencil best dupe for Anastasia brow wiz :)

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