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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Let's talk about food, baby

This is a difficult subject to just jump into and adapt and change and not feel completely adverse effects or deprivity from your favorite meals, past times, traditions, snacks, comforts etc.

Food is all around us.
like the force.
lol sorry, expect some star wars blurt outs as we go, it's just in me.

For most people, when you struggle with addiction you remove that item from your life. Drugs or alcohol, relationships, and you learn to live without it.

But food? we need to learn to live WITH it. It's a partnership. It's a need.  Your addictions have to change and adapt to new ways and forms. But you can't eliminate it. Food is a part of our everyday existance.

If you're like me, it can consume thoughts, it can feel like you're powerless to it. That one bite may not be enough, you may be 20 bites in and feeling like you can't stop. It's not just about learning to eat the RIGHT things, it's a full take back of control.

This is where its very much about your MIND.

There was a point early on in my journey in which I was at a family event and there was all of my favorite foods and I stood there staring and the inner battle began of "Oh, it's just one day" and "I haven't had this in forever, when will I have my aunts best dish again?" and so on. But, then instead I looked at that food and adjusted my mind. I started telling myself "you don't need it" and "that will slow down your progress" "that food is a road block to your success".
Then I walked away.

Suddenly I began to feel it. I began to feel that control. IT WAS NOT EASY, but I was DOING IT.
I was saying no to food. The wrong foods at least. The over indulging foods. The foods that weren't here to partner with my body, foods that wouldn't fuel me but drag me down.

It was losing it's power and grip on me.

Let me get something incredibly straight here...

It doesn't get better.

Those inner voices? that addiciton? for me has not gone away.

I've just learned how to say no, how to cope with temptations, how to make wiser choices.

My MIND has learned. My BODY has followed.

If you think for one moment that I don't walk past donuts and dream of eating an entire tray of them, you're kidding yourself. Will I? heck no. It's a road block to my success. Not only that, but as I have cleaned up my eating habits, my body no longer likes it when I reintroduce crap. Even if it's gloriously sprinkle covered crap.

In life we make choices. We choose good people to be friends, we guide our children to make wise decisions, we budget our spending, we have responsibilities that we choose to take care of.

Your body is one of the biggest responsibilities of your life. How you treat it, feed it, care for it - it changes your relationships with everything else too.


  1. Brilliant way of thinking about food. Thank you for sharing such indepth thoughts and battles you've had over food. I have a strong love hate battle with it food and it's something I'm trying to overcome. Stress eating has been a big problem for me but like you I'm trying to think differently and learn how to distract myself when I find myself stressed and thinking about junk food.

  2. What general guidelines do you follow when it comes to food? Or what do you aim for on an average day? Eating healthy means a lot of things to a lot of people, so I was curious what worked for you. 100 lbs is impressive!

  3. You're so spot on! It's a battle of mind over matter. I just love your blog and Insta feed. Thank you for being a constant source of encouragement.

  4. I found you through BBM and I have enjoyed your blog so far. I am currently on my journey of getting fit. I am not over weight but I have had three kids but 4 pregnancies and even at 124lbs I am very uncomfortable with my tummy. I am a very picky eater though so that henders me success. Can you help me with meal ideas or recipes? It has to be budget friendly as I am a stay at home mom so I find it difficult to eat healthy on a small budget. If you have ANY advice for me please send it my way. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  5. well if I can just follow it!

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  7. That learning to say No is s real struggle. Isn't losing weight and being healthy 80% what we eat. Geez my mind needs to learn some control or I will never pass this struggle .

  8. I love the way you talk about food (and the rest of all your posts !), this is unusual - people admitting this temptation will never end are rare! thank you for your honesty.
    I've been following you on instagram for about a year I think, and you've been a great inspiration from your home to mine in Paris, France :) I never answer to your posts but I wanted to let you know that your voice and pictures are travelling abroad in Europe too !!
    Thank you !
    Marine G

  9. This is very honest ! Just by saying that the struggle with addiction does not go away make me feel more understood and indulgent to myself than ever so thank you for that.

  10. Sarah, your story and struggle really resonates with me. I would love to know about what you ate during your weight loss journey.

  11. Would love to know more about your diet and exercise. Please share :)

  12. thanks for your good information more Weight Loss tips follow this link

  13. While reading your post I could not stop thinking about how much I identify with you in my relationship with food. I'm 40 years old and I owe a change of life ... you inspired me. Thank you.

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