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Thursday, December 31, 2015

This is the end, and the beginning.

I have a rather unfortunate birthday. At least I like to think so. It's New Years Eve. Selfishly I just want my own freaking day, but apparently the world likes celebrating a new year more than my birthday so I'll huff and puff my way into 2016.
Juuuuust kidding. Kinda, sorta.

I'm internally a 5 year old who just wants her day.
But, last year I turned 30 and decided I don't like birthdays anymore anyways.
So, humpf.

This year I turn 31 and although I do it begrudgingly, I reflect back on so much amazing things in the last year.

And thats where my birthday kinda rocks. I celebrate a new year like every one else, and it's a new ME year too. I age with the world. Kinda, sorta.

I'm super fortunate to have a really awesome photographer friend, Lydia from Summerlee Photography who would not let my birthday just pass without some fun involved. 
Some, cake smash fun.

I see what you just thought there. NOT COOL, MAN.

Not that kind of adult.

I meant, like not a BABY TURNING ONE, but a grown woman turning 31. Who maybe wants to eat cake with her hands because she is on a pretty strict diet and cake is not in the diet...ok? glad we settled that one.

(for shame, by the way)

So for my very first blog post, lets turn over a new leaf. Lets say goodbye to 2015 together, lets say hello to 2016, a new blog, being a year older, and growing all the same.

Now forgive my narcassistic overposting of how amazing these photos turned out, in a $10 thrifted dress. 
Ok, thanks 
(happy birthday to me from you for bearing with me)

In all seriousness, it's taken me a really long time to want a photo of myself. Shame the selfie all you like, I say celebrate it. Love yourself. Feel beautiful. Celebrate the moments you think "dang girl, I look good". Self love should always be celebrated.

I don't make resolutions for New Years, but I DO love the feeling of a beginning, being on the brink of something hopefully wonderful.
And I seriously wish I had a more sophisticated palate for wines so I could say things like how "everything gets better with age, like wine!" while sipping on a 2015 malbec. 

Man, this is really a random first blog. 
Meh. That's me.

Oh, and Happy New Year!
To new beginnings...


Credits & Details
TAN - Organic Tan
HAIR - Bethany @ This Little Salon
PHOTOS - Summerlee Photography(aka @TwoSumms on IG)

MAKEUP - lipstick Jacha in Shocking Pink, foundation Mac Studio Fix NW15, Eyeshadow Naked 2, Eyebrows Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown, Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter Physicians Formula, Eyeliner Loreal Lineur Intense in felt tip.
and takes a dang village to make me look like this.


  1. So happy you have a blog now! very excited to keep reading!

  2. I love it!!! You are such a doll and I love keeping up with you on instagram! :) Thanks for being you!

  3. You crack me up. I love that you don't take yourself too seriously aka you keep it realπŸ˜‰.. I love to read all of your posts, you have such a way with words.. Keep up the good work.. Debra C

  4. Love this!!!! Perfect first blog!!!!!

  5. Wonderful first blog!!
    So exciting!!
    Sadly, you forgot one credit....
    LIFE- Scott and Kimi aka Dad and Mom

  6. Happy birthday and amazing job on your blog! Hope lots of exciting things happen for you in 2016

  7. Sarah! I'm so happy that you have a blog now! It looks awesome, and I can't wait to read your posts. :) Best of luck in 2016, and happy birthday!!

  8. Keep the positive energy flowing!! Love you.

  9. I LOVE hat you're back blogging.i think this has been my wish for you since we met and I'm so happy you took the plunge! These birthday pics are beautiful and so are you. Inside and out. Feeling very proud of you today. Very very proud. πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š

  10. such a fun read! happy birthday and new year. look forward to reading along.

  11. congratulations on the blog! It can be daunting at times, and also very exciting. My sage advice, have a running g list of "posts" as a go- to for when your tired or when the creative well can run a bit dry. Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year!

  12. Welcome to the blog world my friend!!
    What an awesome achievement, I look forward to following you and your awesome adventures through life :)

  13. Sarah, fab first post, gawwwwjus photos! I can't wait to read more posts from you! Xoxox

  14. Looking forward to reading your blog. You look amazing. Xx

  15. You look amazing and happy belated birthday! I have a feeling my daughter(just turned 11) is gonna feel the same way about her birthday as you, her birthday is on Christmas day! ! This year we made it all about her and she LOVED IT! Look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  16. Found you through Bri and my Birthday is New Years Day. I can totally relate to this post, especially this year was the worst!!!! haha starting a weightloss journey soon as well. THANKS for the Inspiration.


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